Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Browns at Bills Preview Podcast

Happy Thanksgiving, your gift is a podcast with Steve and Coast:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bills Roll Over Terrible Jets 38-3

By Steve

The Bills now have the same number of victories in Ford Field in Detroit as they do in Orchard Park. They dismantled the lowly Jets in a game in which the final result was never in doubt.

Yes, I had the Jets winning the game and clearly I was wrong. The Jets were horrible. They didn't even show up. The Bills played well but this game was more about a horrible Rex Ryan coached team than Marrone, Orton and co.

Sorry but this game was borderline useless in the grand scheme of things but it was an impressive beat down. Orton made throws, the defense destroyed the Jets oline and Robert Woods was impressive.


The Bills now sit at 6-5 and still only have a 4% or so chance of making the playoffs. They still have more questions than answers but the season isn't over yet.

The average Browns come into town giving us, the fans, an important game after Thanksgiving. Rare. If the Bills go 7-5 despite the math you still have a season. Even if the odds are against it who cares, beat Brian Couch errr Hoyer, surprise the old ass Broncos sneak up on the Packers and.. nevermind.

At least we don't have to talk only about extending Marcell Dareus' contract, restructuring Mario's deal, low balling Hughes and 2nd round quarterbacks yet at least, amirite?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Week 12 NFL Expert Picks

Week 12 nfl picks time, leggo:

Steve 30-24-1 Best Bet 5-6

49ers -9 v Redskins
Titans +11 @ Eagles
Jaguars @ Colts under 50.5
Cardinals +7 @ Seahawks
Rams @ Chargers under 43.5

Coast 31-23-1 Best Bet 7-4

Colts -14 v Jaguars
Bengals +1.5 @ Texans
Bears -5.5 v Buccaneers
Packers -9 @ Vikings
Patriots -7.5 v Lions

Wreck 33-22 Best Bet 7-4

Titans +11 @ Eagles
Texans -1.5 v Bengals
Vikings +9 v Packers
Jaguars +14 @ Colts
Lions +7.5 @ Patriots

Katman 27-26-2 Best Bet 5-6

Bengals +1.5 @ Texans
Patriots -7.5 v Lions
Seahawks -7 v Cardinals
Broncos -7 v Dophins
Bears @ Buccaneers over 46

Jets at Bills at Detroit Preview

by Steve

I still don't believe the Bills game couldn't have been played in Buffalo on Monday night or even Tuesday night but oh well, "mother nature" wins and the Bills get screwed again.  True, the game doesn't mean all that much because the odds Buffalo makes the playoffs are single digits at best.  Still it sucks.

The game does have some meaning though.  The Bills theoretically could still go 11-5 amirite?  Plus, if the Bills lose to the lowly Jets a month after throttling them on the road it will be a final verdict on many things.

For starters it will be the end of Kyle Orton as any kind of "quarterback of the future".  EJ Manuel might as well play out the string if the Bills go L, L, L vs KC Miami and NYJ jesus christ.

It would also be an indictment not only on moron Nate Hackett but the entire coaching staff and especially loser Doug Marrone.  To start out the season 5-3, go into your bye and then come out 0-3 would be grounds for a firing.  It would be inexcusable regardless of the circumstances of the past week.

One game, yes anything can happen, but three straight must win games and you don't go for broke, go guns a blazin', stop punting, trick plays, risky decisions anything St Doug?!?  WTF? Do you not realize you are coaching for your job and, likely, career? There is no worldly chance this moron gets hired as a head coach again if he gets fired by the Bills this year (granted some how Mike Mularchuck-Mularkey did get hired again [albeit Jacksonville doesn't really count and that was only one year]).  Plus Marrone was never fuckin qualified to be an NFL head coach any way.

Not only will everyone have lost faith in the QB and coach but the GM will lose most if not all confidence anyone had in him.  Doug Whaley has made some good moves, granted, but the whole operation seems to be lacking vision.  Was Manuel truly seen as the franchise quarterback all offseason?  Why was he benched after four games then?  Were the GM and coach even god damn communicating?  Why did it take until the end of August to realize Thad Lewis, Jeff Tuel and Dennis Dixon were not adequate backup QBs?

Why would you trade away next year's 1st and 4th round picks for a really good WR when, clearly, the entire WR class was uber-talented and deep?  Did Whaley trade up for him to improve the lackluster QB play, the entire offense, the entire franchise or was it just a "big splash" just to make a move?

Yes, one game or even ten are not a big enough sample size to have a final verdict on the Watkins trade but it sure isn't looking good from ANY angle.  Say the Bills finish 7-9 (as I predicted [and seems likely]) then the Bills would have drafted around 15th.  You are telling me you wouldn't rather have say Odel Beckham Jr [or maybe just trade up 2 spots and get Mike Evans] or Kelvin Benjamin and a Jarvis Jones or Dre Kirkpatrick esque talent with that extra pick instead of JUST Watkins?  Then you are lying.

I don't see the Bills winning this week.  The Jets have a better head coach and will want revenge for the embarrassment of a few weeks ago.  The season will be over, another rebuild will be upon us and there is still no franchise QB any where in sight.  Ouch. (or just beat the shitty Jets again, roll over a deflated Browns and you have a season again).

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Aaron Williams, a Genius?

by Steve

Haha, how did I miss this from Monday?

"“It’s been too many times where … we don’t take chances,” safety Aaron Williams said. “I feel like teams around this league, the reason why they’re successful most times, is because they do take chances and they are confident about their defense going out there and making three stops at midfield, or even, heck, at the 20-yard line. I encourage Coach to be aggressive and just believe in the defense.”

“I tell myself this and I joke about it, but sometimes I really mean it, I feel like if we can’t make a fourth and 1, we shouldn’t be able to win that game,” he said. “Fourth and 1 is literally just taking one step. It’s all about ‘want to,’ and the attitude of wanting to get that first down or wanting to make that stop if they don’t get a first down.”"

BOOM ROASTED St Doug! That isn't some fake twitter account that is one of the defensive leaders and highest paid players on the Bills, Aaron Williams!  If players are saying this publicly what do you think they are saying when the media isn't around?

It probably doesn't matter much at this point because the playoffs are now a myth and Marrone will be fired after the season.  But what the hell has to happen for St Doug to fucking wake up and realize he has to do something different to change the trajectory of this season and his career.  I'm thinking something like Riverboat Ron last year changing course and the Panthers going on a tear.

Marrone was a joke from the beginning but at least some of the players are starting to speak out and rip this clown.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week 12 Bills Power Rankings Compilation

After two L's in 5 days lets see where the Bills are ranked:

ESPN 19:
"Kyle Orton was 5-of-13 for 47 yards and a sack against the Dolphins' blitz Thursday. The Jets, who blitz on one-third of dropbacks, will likely follow suit."

Orton is still the starting QB? Ouch.

CBS 18;
"Why are they sticking with Kyle Orton? There's nothing to gain from it." 

Three spot drop and Prisco has given up on Orton

NFL 19:
"A lot of big plays were left out on the field in Miami, and you better believe the Bills know it. Dropped interceptions, missed receivers and a couple of close calls that went the Dolphins' way come to mind. We recommended that Bills fans hit up Lasertron a couple of weeks ago, but after Thursday's loss, I would advise grabbing a refreshment at Ulrich's Tavern. That place was around 100 years before fans were getting depressed about the "same old Bills."


Yahoo 18:
"Nobody checked the expiration date on Kyle Orton. It has passed."

Orton has evidently died. Oh well.

PFT 19:
"19. Buffalo Bills (No. 16; 5-5):  Broncos fans may be able to send a few “Orton Hears a Boo” signs to Buffalo."

Ugh Orton does suck.

Walterfootball 23:
"23. Buffalo Bills (5-5) - Previously: #19 - So... can we finally stop pretending that the Bills are a good team? Yeah? OK, cool."

Highest 18 lowest 23.  Basically Orton sucks big time and everyone knows it.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week 11 NFL Expert Picks

Yeah this is late - but perfect time for any of you looking to make some last minute bets after getting killed on college football Saturday.

Steve 27-22-1 Best Bet 5-5
Broncos -10 @ Rams
Seahawks pick 'em @ Chiefs
Bengals +7.5 @ Saints
Panthers +2.5 vs. Falcons
Bucs +7 @ Redskins

Coast 29-20-1 Best Bet 6-4
Packers -5.5 vs. Eagles
Saints -7.5 vs. Bengals
Broncos -10 @ Rams
49ers -4.5 @ Giants
Redskins -7 vs. Bucs

Wreck 28-22 Best Bet 6-4
Raiders +10.5 @ Chargers
Titans +6.5 vs. Steelers
Chiefs pick 'em vs. Seahawks
Bears -1.5 vs. Vikings
Texans +4 @ Browns

Katman 25-23-2 Best Bet 5-5
Browns -4 vs. Texans
Chargers/Raiders Over 45.5
Packers/Eagles Over 55
Seahawks pick 'em @ Chiefs
49ers -4.5 @ Giants