Thursday, April 19, 2018

2018 Buffalo Bills Schedule Reaction

By Steve

What a piece of shit schedule. 4 home games after Thanksgiving every single game at 1pm except the MNF slaughter and start the seaso on the road. Fuck my life.

Could easily see the Bills starting out 0-4 but starting with the Colts week 7 I could see the Bills rattle off 8 straight wins.

At Minny and at Green Bay back to back is real rough. Again starting at Baltimore makes no fuckin sense. 4 of the last 5 games in the division is odd.

No Thursday night game is also stupid.

More in depth

Some positives

Week 2 is an LA chargere let down after KC game

Week 3 minny let down after big GB

Week 5 tenn let down after hosting SB champs Philly

Week 6 Hou let down after a big dallas SNF game

Week 10 is a jets get away game with their BYE the next week

Week 12 jax let down after a big pitt SNF game

Week 14 NYJ 2nd straight road game

Week 15 Det 2nd straight road game

Week 16 NE let down after big Pitt game

Week 17 Miami does have extra time playing TNF week 16 

2018 Buffalo Bills Schedule Predictions

By Steve

The schedule is coming today so its time to make some predictions.

First what we do know, the opponents. The Bills will play:
LA chargers
Detroit Lions
Chicago Bears
Jax Jaguars
Tennessee Titans
Dolphins, Jets, Patriots

Houston Texans
Green Bay Packers
Indianapolis Colts
Minnesota Vikings
Baltimore Ravens
Dolphins, Jets, Patriots

The Bills will start the season at home, and Ill predict the Jaguars. (Im already getting flash backs to the 2004 home opener [more over that whole season could be a doppleganger for the entire season, rookie QB gets hurt, defense is good.. uhoh]).

The Bills will have one and only 1 primetime game. Early November against the Dolphins.

The season will end with a meaningless road loss at the Patriots.

There will be another 4+ home games after Thankagiving pissing off every 45+ year old in the area.

Christmas Eve is on a Monday so Buffalo wont be effected.

Look for a tough 3 game stretch vs N.E. at Vikings at Packers tanking the season in mid October.

All 1pm games.


Thursday, March 29, 2018

2018 MLB Total Wins Predictions: American League

By steve

Baseball? Baseball. Here is my National League win total predictions now time for the AL:
American League

New York Yankees
Home runs dont win championships. Under

Boston Red Sox
Is anyone scared JD Martinez? They do have the highest payroll in MLB though. Over

Toronto Blue Jays
Is Jose Bautista really a free agent? Push

Baltimore Orioles
I need to brush up on my O's baseball jeez this line is low. Machado will b gone before August evidently. Under

Tampa Bay Rays
Seems high. Didnt even realize they still had a team. Under


Cleveland Indians

Minnesota Twins
This division is so bad. Over

Chicago White Sox
Damn thats a low number. Under

Detroit Tigers
Damn thats a low number. Over

Kansas City Royals
That world series taste is gone but again this division is so bad. Over


Oakland A's
Nope. Under

Houston Astros
No wonder half the teams are tanking. Over

Los Angeles Anaheim Angels
It is truly unbelievable that Mike Scioscia is still their manager. Under

Seattle Mariners
Longest post season drought in American sports. Over

Texas Rangers
Id say push but its not possible. Over

2018 MLB Win Total Predictions: National League

By steve

Yes baseball is still a sport so lets give predictons on win totals for every team:

National League


Washington Nationals
Weak division and the playoffs dont count so take the over.

New York Mets
Seems a bit low. If the staff stays healthy they can compete for a W.C. over

Atlanta Braves
Not yet a believer. Under

Phildelphia Phillies
Toughest line on the board. Under though

Miami Marlins
Could this team really lose a hundi?
Yup, under


Chicago Cubs
Seems a bit high with my Brew crew improving. Under

Milwaukee Brewers
Overrrrrrr lock

Pittsburgh Pirates
Wasnt this team a contender just a few short years ago? McCutchen is a freakin Giant! Under

Cincinnati Reds
75 wins seems possble, over.

St Louis Cardinals
I feel like this team is always over hyped and under hyped every year. Over


Los Angeles Dodgers
Best regular season team money can buy. Over

Arizona Diamondbacks
Former Bisons skipper balled last year, can Torrey keep it rolling?

San Francisco Giants
Window closed, door shut, no more World Series but 81.5 seems low. Over

Colorado Rockies
No clue so ill say push

San Diego Padres
This franchise has to be relevant one day right? Is 70 wins too much to ask? Over

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Buffalo Bills Sign QB AJ McCarron

By steve

2 year contract for the 27 year old former cincinnati Bengal. He has 3 career starts along with a playoff start in which he nearly beat the Steelers.

Two years is a solid bridge to the QB they'll draft and push to start this upcoming season.

I see this as a Nick Foles esque insurance policy with some upside.

Is he the quarterbsck of the future? Almost certainly not but a capable NFL quarterback for a short period.

Contract details per profootballtalk
"AJ McCarron deal in Buffalo: Two years, $10 million with $6.5 million upside based on playing time. Per source."

Even cheaper than Foles. I see no downside to this at all

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Thursday Set to be Buffalo Basketball Night

Everyone ready for the best night of Buffalo basketball in forever? And two tvs set up?

With St Bonaventure taking down UCLA Tuesday night as 3 point dawgs both the Bonnies and University at Buffalo play late Thursday night:

#11 St bonnies v #6 florida 957pm tip
#13 UB bulls vs # 4arizona 940pm tip


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bills Have 4 Players in PFT Top 100 Free Agents

By steve

With free agency in the NFL to start next week profootballtalk has released their annual top 100 free agents. The Bills have four players in the top 100:

EJ Gaines 22nd
Kyle Williams 44th
Jordan Matthews 68th
Preston Brown 91st

Surprised 35 year old Kyle Williams is even on the list (good for his leverage). Also surprised injury prone Gaines is so high (makes the Vontae Davis contract seem to be smart). Notable that Preston Brown is so low and Jordan Matthews is about right.