Sunday, November 19, 2017

Week 10 NFL Picks

Four pm Bills game means gamble more!

Packers +2 v Ravens
Vikings -1 v Rams
Cowboys +6 v Eagles
Seahawks -1.5 v Falcons
Chargers -7 v Bills

Coast 16-21-2 Bills 6-1-1
Browns +7.5 v Jaguars
Chiefs -10 @ Giants
Ravens -2 @ Packers
Patriots -7.5 v Raiders
Bills +7 @ Chargers

Det. -3 @ chi
Rams +1 @ Minny
Jags -7.5 @ cle
Chargers -7 v buff

3-5-1 bills

Texans -2.5 v Cardinals
Saints -9.5 v Redskins
Lions -3 @ Bears
Bills +7 @ Chargers

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Podcast: Buffalo Bills Bench Tyrod Taylor for Nate Peterman

Steve and Coast intensely argue about the Bills decision to start Nathan Peterman over Tyrod Taylor. Is there a plan? Trust the process?


Tyrod Taylor Benched for Nate Peterman

By Steve

Well this is a stunner. A 5th round rookie from Pitt with basically no arm and little reason to believe in is replacing Tyrod Taylor as the starter against the Chargers.

This is a perplexing decision to tank the rest of the season to see what they have in a nobody no prospect QB with 7 games left and currently in a playoff spot.

This difference in starting Peterman now or in 4 weeks if the Bills lose MAKES ZERO DIFFERENCE.

The Bills have to draft a quarteback in the first 3 rounfs next year regardless.

Nothing this franchise does makes any sense.

They trade their best WR for a draft pick then trade a draft pick a supposed #1 WR. They have a 5-2 record then trade away a former all pro defensive tackle for nothing then give up 500 rushing yards afterward.

Is this bizzaro world?

"This is not an endictment on Tyrod Taylor" was an actual quote by Sean "Dougy" McDermott today. Lol

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What Is Phillip Rivers Value to the Spead vs the Bills

By Steve

With Phillip Rivers in concussion protocal I proposed the question of Rivers value to the spread in this Sunday's game vs the Bills. If Rivers is out and Kellen Clemens was the starter what will the line be. Here was @covers or response:

"Immediately, probably five to six points. So if he was ruled out, Bolts drop to +1.5 vs. Bills. Then what the public does with the line after the adjustment is the true indication of his worth to the spread. They could bet Buffalo all the way to -3.5, making his worth 8 points.

Before he went into concussion protocol the Chargers were 4, 4.5 point favorites, depending on the book. Now OFF everywhere. We expect if he's announced as out the Chargers will become short home dogs."

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Week 10 NFL Picks

Make money

Steve 16-20 Bills 4-4
Bills +3 v Saints
Texans +12 @ Rams
Colts +10 v Steelers
Titans -5.5 v Bengals

Coast 13-21-2 Bills 5-3
Colts +10 v Steelers
Lions -10.5 v Browns
Bucs +2.5 v Jets
Rams -12 v Texans
Saints -3 @ Bills

Feyes 15-21 Bills 2-5
Cowboys +3.5
Patriots -7.5 @ Broncos
Bengals @ Titans under 40.5
Jags -5 @ Chargers
Saints -3

Katman 13-22-1 Bills 4-4

Bills +3 v Saints
Jets -2.5 @ Buccs
49ers +3 v Giants
Broncos +7.5 v Patriots

Week 10 NFL Picks

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

New Orleans Saints at Buffalo Bills Podcast Preview

Playoffs? Must win? McDermott on the hot seat? The Saints for real?  Steve Coast and Wreck preview this monster game at The Ralph Sunday.  Wreck's segment starts at the 23 minute mark.  Also subscribe on the iTunes

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