Tuesday, August 19, 2014

After 5 Weeks of Bills Training Camp

By Steve

Has there been a time in the last few years where there has been less optimism in Buffalo than 2014? Is anyone with half a brain super positive or thinking playoffs right now with this EJ Manuel/Doug Marrone lead team?

Maybe its just me being negative as per usual but I am super down on this season and there are still two preseason games to go! Is it just Erik looking completely lost? Or Marrone seemingly completely desperate and depressed (or at the very least grumpy)? A seemingly lost and completely incompetant OC in Nate Hackett? The Bills top two defensive players from last year not even on the roster for 2014? Yes it is.

Quite frankly, the only hope I can muster is based on the idea that the preseason means zilch, nada zip and that Hackett is just fuckin with us. What other explanation or hope could there be with this offense? Fred Jackson dive from the 2 twice, only one long shot down field in three games and a million dump offs to RBs and Scott Chandler? Ugh.

Butttt there is good news! Cordy Glenn is back practicing pushing rookie Seantrell Henderson to a more palatable right tackle (wait is Cyrus Kounijo a bust already?) so there is legit good news.

Then again it all comes down to the quarterback. The ship has sailed on whether Manuel will be the next great Bills QB. But he could still prove to be good or even quite good if he quickly shows improvement. But for now I don't see it.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

After 3 Weeks of Bills Training Camp

By Steve

After three weeks of Bills training camp and one "preseason game" here is what we know:

EJ Manuel sucks
Sam Watkins is a bust
Doug Marrone is cracking under the pressure
Mike Williams doesn't know how to time his jumps.

Ok ok Im being hyperbolic but other than the defesive front four and maybe Seantrell Henderson it hasnt been a banner three weeks for the Bills.
Yeesh. I mean is Cody Glenn alive??? (Sime compatriots joked the guy is going through a sex change opp and needs time to recover.. what was the saying about idle minds?)

Oh wait Preston Brown did have an int albeit the play ended up not counting but who was Kiko Alonso again?

Shouldn't we be seeing something (anything) that impresses us out of EJ Manuel eventually at least once in his career? Maybe if Mike Williams timed his jump better and caught that potential TD I wouldn't be ripping Erik so much but damn the guy hasn't impressed.

Same goes for sad Doug Marrone. Guy is getting feisty with the media, thinks wins and losses matter in the preseason and seems to be cracking under the pressure of NEEDING to win this year because of the Watkins trade.

Alright alright the defense looked decent under new DC Schwartz especially the front four and the running backs seem to know how to run. Maybe stealing 9 games is a possibility but what kind of way to go through life is that?  At least the Bills didn't pass up on this years Vontaze Burfict and drafted Seantrell Henderson though so we have that!

As of now.. still 7-9

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Daniel Radcliff and Jimmy Kimmel talk Buffalo Bills VIDEO

Daniel Radcliffe's Difficulty Getting Into The U.…: http://youtu.be/rPoBCoqhgvg

Friday, July 25, 2014

After 1 Week of Bills Training Camp

By Steve

Granted I haven't been to SJF yet and probs wont but lets run down what we know after one week of Buffalo Bills training camp (based on media reports):

EJ Manuel is still a huge question mark. Then again Erik will probably always be a question mark until he stays healthy and plays in a playoff game (both of which I highly doubt ever happen).

The Bills lovvvve Jeff Tuel. Why is anyones god damn guess but is this guy really better than Thad Lewis (eek what a sad sentence)? Are these three clowns really the best available quarterbacks? Does Tuel have any chance of ever being a decent backup?

Marcell Dareus and Allan Branch are pieces of crap. Haven't these two morons know when training camp started since February? How are they not in good enough shape to pass a routine physical to be able to participate in camp? Everyone knows Dareus is a waste but shouldn't Branch be ready to step in when Mr Big Stuff gets suspended? Jeez.

Sam Watkins is talented. The guy will never live up to the 2 firsts the Bills needed to acquire him but at least he is showing what the Dougs saw when they drafted him (even if the highlight was a play where he was uncovered and he slipped before catching the ball).

The Bills are counting BIG TIME on Aaron Williams to be the new Jairus Byrd and to be the vocal leader on the defense. He got paid and he now needs to show he was worth it. I have reservations but anythings posssssibleeeee.

Match ups to watch still:

Searcy v Meeks v Duke
Bryce v Fred Jackson
Pears v Cyrus
Boobie v Summers
Graham v 7/11
The aforementioned "QBs"
Cordy Glenn v mystery illness (god help us all)

The Bills will probably still only win 7 games.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wgr550 Twitter Personality Rankings

By Steve

Yeah yeah I know, Sam Watkins had a nice one handed catch uncovered after slipping in a red zone drill today, NEAT! http://deadspin.com/bills-wr-sammy-watkins-trips-recovers-makes-terrific-1609620831?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_twitter&utm_source=deadspin_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow

Buttt training camp is still boring, so lets take a look at the twitter follow count of all the "personalities" at WGR550 and see how they rank. (Granted I dont recommend following any of them [mostly because they blocked me] but I digress):

1. Jeremy White @jeremyWGR 37.8
2. Joe Buscaglia @joebuscaglia 27.6
3. Paul Hamilton @pham1717  27.3
4. John Murphy  @johnmurphyshow 18.6
5. Mike chap Schopp @schopptalk 18.5
6. Howard Simon @hsimon62 17.9
7. Sal Cappaccio @salsports 17.4
8. Chris poodle Parker @bulldogwgr 13.4
9. Brian Koziol @brianwgr 10.7
10. Matthew Coller @matthewcoller 2154
11. Thom Cich @thomWGR 1248

To recap, a huge drop off from first to second, worst handle easily is Paul walruss Hamilton and best handle might be salsports albeit the most lame. Most dissapointing is Bulldog and most surprising is John Murphy.

They all suck

Friday, July 18, 2014

Buffalo Bills Training Camp Over Unders

By Steve

Another Bills training camp starts and another year of dashed hopes and dreams looms. Could the Bills be good enough to make the playoffs? Absolutely. Is anyone with half a brain predicting it? Absolutely not.

Since no one cares who will be in a battle to replace Marcell Dareus for the first 4 games errrr Im too lazy to break that shit down so instead Ill give some over/unders on random things for the Bills this training camp:

Aug 8, the day Erik James has his first knee injury. As we all know ol' brittle knee had 3( three!) knee injuries last year. So after most of camp and 2 preseason games will Manuel still be walking sans crutches.

2.5, the number of games the Bills will win out of their 5 preseason games. As we know the Bills started off on a tear last year ripping up their first two games only to finish 2-2. Can Douggie rally the troops to get above .500?

.5, significant injuries to real players in camp. With Kiko Alonso already donzo Im being overly optimistic there wont be another biggie. Are you really willing to bet the over? Jerk

2.5 plays Sammy Watkins makes that tricks me into thinking using 2 first round picks on a wide receiver was a smart idea.

1 number of quarters it takes to remind us the Hall of Fame game blows.

6.5 the number of reports with the words "offense struggled" during camp

.5 the number of coordinators fired before the season starts. Think this is preposterous? This is the Bills might I remind you.

4.5 the number of times I reference Doug Marrone's trusted "dissapointment pamphlet".

2 the number of Jerry Sullivan columns mentioning Mario Williams high salary.

38 boring reports Joe Buscaglia provides live from St John Fisher.

6.5 total wins for the season. I have the Bills at 7-9

Friday, July 11, 2014

Lebron James Goes Back Home

By Steve

Quite clearly Lebron James hated being hated. He didnt like being the heel, the villain the bad guy. He got his rocks off in Miami, won some titles and is now goin back to C-town.

The decision blew up in his face. Clearly Lebron didnt anticipate the backlash from the debacle that was the decision. In this letter he wrote he sounds contrite and is saying all the right things.

Where was this perfect PR four years ago. Lebron couldnt have handled this any better and handled the last decision any worse.

The question now is will the Cavs make a move for Kevin Love? No the bigger question is will Lebron be beloved again? Id say instantly he will be loved again except maybe in Miami.

Cleveland should feel blessed today and verrrrry lucky.

WTF Pat Kane