Saturday, September 24, 2016

week 3 NFL Picks

Make Money, Week 3 NFL Picks by our seasoned experts

Steve 4-6 Best Bet 0-2 Bills 0-2

Steelers @ Eagles over 46.5
Raiders @ Titans under 47
Lions +7 @ Packers
Bears @ Cowboys over 44
Ravens @ Jaguars over 47
Bills +4 v Cardinals

Coast 3-7 Best Bet 0-2 Bills 1-1

Jaguars +1 v Ravens
Browns +10 v Dolphins
Steelers -4 @ Eagles
Jets +3 @ Chiefs
49ers +9.5 @ Seahawks
Cardinals -4 @ Bills

Katman 1-9 Best Bet 0-2 Bills 0-2

Eagles +4 v Steelers
Cowboys -7 v Bears
Raiders -1.5 @ Titans
Buccaneers -5 v Rams
Dolphins -10 v Browns
Cardinals -4 @ Bills

Feyes 4-6 Best Bet 0-2  Bills 0-2

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

PODCAST: Cardinals at Buffalo Bills

Arizona Cardinals at Buffalo Bills podcast, Steve and Coast look at the state of the Bills after a devastating loss to the shitty NY Jets on Thursday night at look to get past their 0-2 record

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Week 2 NFL Picks

Second week of the season leggo

Steve 2-3 Best Bet 0-1 Bills 0-2

Raiders -4.5 v Falcons
Buccaneers +7 @ Cardinals 
Titans +6 @ Lions
Dolphins +6.5 @ Patriots
Ravens -6 @ Browns
Bills +1.5

Coast 0-5 Best Bet 0-1 Bills 1-1

Chiefs +1.5 Texans
Patriots -6.5 v Dolphins
Panthers -14 v 49ers
Jets -1.5 @ Bills
Colts +6.5 @ Broncos

Katman 0-5 Best Bet 0-1 Bills 0-2

Raiders -1.5 @ Titana
Giants -4 v Saints
Steelers -3 v Bengals
Colts +6.5 @ Broncos
Giants/saints over 54
Cards -4 @ bills

Feyes 1-4 Best Bet 0-1 Bills 0-2

Lions -6 v Titans
Steelers -3 v Bengals
Cardinals -7 v Buccaneers
Jaguars +3 @ Chargers
Eagles +3 @  Bears
Bills +1.5

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bills Giving Out Bruce Smith Towels Tonight

Check out these slick towels given out tonight vs the Jets. Leggggo

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

PODCAST: NY Jets at Buffalo Bills Preview

TNF! Home Opener! The season is already over! Or is it? Ugh leggo!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week 1 NFL Picks

Picks contest is back!

Steve 0-0-0 Best bet 0-0

Bengals -2.5 @ Jets
Eagles -3.5 v Browns
Raiders @ Saints over 52
Bears @ Texans over 43.5
Giants -1.5 @ Cowboys
Bills +3 @ Ravens


Packers -5.5 @ Jaguars
Saints -1.5 v Raiders
Bills +3 @ ravens
Bengals -2.5 @ Jets
Titans +3 v Vikings


Cardinals -7 v Patriots
Bills +3 @ ravens
Seahawks -10.5 v Dolphins
Giants -1.5 @ Cowboys
Packers -5.5 @ Jaguars

Thursday, September 8, 2016

2016 NFL Preview Team Over/Unders

by Steve

In our ongoing 2016 National Football League preview, here's our Bills podcast preview, (here's last years predictions )lets take a look at the over unders for every team based on the Vegas win totals.

Arizona Cardinals line 10 wins -180

Vegas begging people to take the under here with that payout. Palmer is about to fall off a cliff but maybe not til next year

Atlanta Falcons line 7.5 wins +125
Quinn? Can't win.

Baltimore Ravens 8.5 wins even
They usually bounce back after a bad season but this team doesn't scare any me. 8-8 seems like a good bet.

Buffalo Bills 8 wins +120
Decided not to predict any pushes this year so I'll take the under ouch.

Carolina Panthers 10.5 -115
Regression? Ten wins would still be impressive

Cleveland Browns 4.5 -135
What rhymes with Deshaun Watson that will be the rallying cry all season in the factory of sadness?

Dallas Cowboys 8 -115
This line is perplexing, Dak "hasn't taken a snap under center since middle school" Prescott?

Denver Broncos 9.5 +115
Trevior Simian? I don't feel like googling that dude to see if I spelled his name right.

Detroit Lions 7 -140
Lord knows Caldwell's players will be motivated to play hard for his job. lulz. Buttt this division isn't as tough as previously assumed.

Green Bay Packers 11 -130
Can't predict this team to win 12 games with that fat idiot head coach.

Houston Texans 8.5 -135
Don't love the QB Osweiler but this team has weapons.

Indianapolis Colts 9 +115
They really gonna waste Andrew Luck's career with ineptitude from the GM on down?  Then again he is Andrew Luck

Jacksonville Jaguars 7.5 -135
Gus needs to prove he can actually be a head coach before I buy in.  Also hyping Blake is a mistake.

Kansas City Chiefs 9.5 -170
Not worth getting down on this line with the pay out but this team is solid 10-6 mediocrity.

LA Rams 7.5 +170
This line makes no sense.

Miami Dolphins 7 even
This has got to be the least hyped Dolphins team in memory. They are seemingly a perennial sleeper pick or media darling.  Then again their run of head coaches has been brutal.

Minnesota Vikings 9 -125
Sam Bradford? Not the worst but its kinda close.

New England Patriots 10.5 -150

New Orleans Saints 7.5 even
All we wanted was a fluke SB

NY Giants 8.5 -150
Interesting team but Ben Mcadoo?

NY Jets 7.5 -120

Oakland Raiders 8.5 -145
The hype is palpable. Then again the Raiders were 7-9 last year so a 2 win improvement isn't that tough to see

Philadelphia 6.5 +115
Doug Pederson and a rookie 1aa QB?

Pittsburgh Steelers 10.5 -110
This line is too high.

San Diego Charges 7.5 -120
McCoy is not my boy but Rivers is still a good QB.  Tough division

SF 49ers 5.5 +130
They shoulda kept the old coach just for amusement. Coach 'em up Chip.  Total Rebuild.

Seattle Seahawks 10.5 -140
I like me some Seahawks

Tampa Buccaneers 7.5 +110
Cant the under for the whole damn division and I think Rapeis Winston is good.

Tennesse Titans 5.5 -210
Odd line but I aint betting on Mike Mularchuck

Washington Redskins 7.5 -135
Someone has to win the division right?