Saturday, April 30, 2016

2016 NFL Draft QB Cardale Jones Bills 4th Round Pick

By Steve

Last pick of the 4th round, 139th, the Bills picked Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones.
Couldnt love it more. Guy is huge, has played in big games for a great coach and has just about everything. Does he like football? Is he motivated? We'll see

6'5 rocket arm. Only 270 career pass attempts. Benched last year.

We didnt come here to play school

Friday, April 29, 2016

2016 Buffalo Bills Draft After Round 3

By Steve

Three rounds, three picks, 3 defense front 7 selections. Clemson, Albama and Ohio State, Lawson, Ragland and Washington.

Are they all seeming good players? Yes. Did the Billa need any of them TWO years ago? No. Will they all make an impact this season? Probably.

It comes down to one question. Do you trust in, believe in, buy in, to REX RYAN.

The Bills err Doug Whaley used 5 picks for those three players. 2 fourth round 1 second and 1 first for those 3 players. All on defense. After two days the offense has been addressed zero iota. None. Zip. Zero. Wide receiver, oline, QB, all need attentiona dn depth yet Doug, Rex, Kim, GMTM and co decided front 7 defense was the only way to go.

Is this wise? Again it all comes down to one questio. Do you believe into, buy into, Rex Ryan? Clearly he is picking these players. They fit into HIS defense. They are HIS boys.

Will Rex be the head coach in 2018? Will these guys contribute regardless of the headcoach? Did they miss on a potential franchise QB? Is the offense set?

My opinion. NO.

Grade C+

Thursday, April 28, 2016

2016 1st Round Buffalo Bills Select Shaq Lawson

By Steve

From Clemson defensive end Shaq lawson. Only one year of production. The comparisons to Vic Beasley will be there.

He has a shoulder issue but should be fine but he will need surgery after his season. Its a solid pick I suppose albeit Myles Jack was on the board. He was a beast in the National Championship and looked great all year

Rex being associated with Clemson is a concern but you gotta build the defensive frnt 7 cause it sucks.

Grade B-

2016 NFL Draft Predictions

By Steve

2016 NFL Draft predictions

Bills take Jarron Reed

Robert Nmekdiche falls into 2nd round

Some team trades up late 1st round for Paxton Lynch.

Carson Wentz will be better than Goff.

Zeek Eliot to the Cowboys

Browns trade again Thursday

Too many OTs go in the top 12

Myles Jack falls past 12

Only 3 QBs are taken

Christian Hackenberg will suck

2016 NFL Draft: QB Rankings

By Steve

Draft fever and I have the antibiotics (oh wait a fever is usually caused by a virus.. nevermind) here are my final Quarterback rankings:

1. Carson Wentz
Big mid western boy who played against Buff State I think. Sit for a year dawg.

2. Jared Goff
Figured he'd stay another year cause he isnt great. At least there is no pressure in LA

3. Kevin Hogan
Probably falling victim to watching Hogan (who has the same body as Luck) playing right after Andrew Luck in the same system.

4. Cardale Jones
Big game experience, big body, big program and doesnt play school for the Buckeyes. Is he motivated? Is he coachable? Does he love football?

5. Paxton Lynch
Intangibles and athletic. Needs to ride pine.

6. Connor Cook
Why did Michigan State not miss him against OSU in the biggest game of the entire NCAA year to that point?

7. Christian Hackenberg
Dude got out played by Joe Licata head to head earlier this year. Yes he changed head coaches and thus systems but if he was so inadequate why not transfer? Shouldnt a GOOD QB show SOMETHING in any system? Dissapointing.

2016 NFL Draft Big Board Final

Here is Steve's final big board for the 2016 NFL Draft

Monday, April 25, 2016

PODCAST: Bills 2016 NFL Draft Preview

Steve and Coast look at the Bills offseason thus far and preview the upcoming NFL draft