Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bitchin About Sports on a Thursday

By steve

Either Lesean Mccoy is really stupid or he just doesnt give a fuck but I love it. Posting secret party invites on twitter and instagram and using Bills logos? Haha. Females only! 21+! Sign this confidentiality agreement! What a boss. But of course the party was in Philly and not Buffalo. Psht.

Is Matt Sims gonna get a real chance to start in this "four way competition". The boys at fandemosports were reporting EJ Manuel has zero chance at aeeing the field, the offensive line is full of dumbos that cant run Greg Roman's offense (even though camp hasnt even started yet) and Matt Cassel is gauranteed to be the starter.

If Manuel is #3 on the depth chart he has to be traded. Cutting him is useless and having him third on the depth chart is useless. Will someone give up a conditional 7th with his $5 mil plus gauranteed contract?

Since I havent followed the NHL the last two years because the Sabres have been horrendous I forgot the divisions changed. WHY ARE THERE ONLY 4 DIVISIONS WITH LOPSIDED NUMBERS OF TEAMS?? Huh? Gary Bettman is an asshat.

Wait Im not done with the NHL. Besides there being no entertainment or goals in the regular season the dumbest thing about this league now is they are trying to expand? EXPAND? To another desert city? 32 teams? Do dumb.

Why the hell did Nebraska leave the Big XII for the Big 10?

Why the hell does the BIG XII still have only ten teams? It doesnt make sense on two levels.

Nick Saban would fail in the NFL. If anything he will burn out at Alabama and move to the Pac12.

Speaking of the Pac12 why isn't this league hiring better coaches? Is the Big 10 usurping the PAC12 as a football conference?

I dont want an 8 team college football playoff. Four is plenty.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bills love Pornstars

Boobie Dixon is next after Duke Williams but at least Dixon kept it local with a Depew "star" lol

Monday, July 13, 2015

Drunkard Ryan Oreilly nabbed for DUI

By Steve

Is the ink even dry on that $52 million contract for Ryan O'reilly? Evidently he was drunk driving in Canada and ran into a Tim Hortons then peaced out before the cops rolled up. Doh
Those classy hockey players are so classy

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Porn Star Mia Khalifa Puts Duke Williams on Blast

By Steve

Looks like Duke Williams was put on blast by some porn "star" Mia Khalifa after he tried to meet up with her in Miami via a Twitter DM:

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bitchin About Sports on a Thursday

By Steve

Well, now that we are an official source for news does that mean I have to take this blog more seriously? Nah fuck it. Bitchin about sports on  a Thursday:

- $10 to watch the Sabres rookies and UDFAs practice Friday night? Either this city is pathetic and an embarrassment or they are reallllllyyy bored. Oh its both. Paying to watch a scrimmage??!?

- Thank you to Ronald Darby for making us a little bit famous for a few minutes earlier this week. I had the foresight to realize @realRonaldDarby was having a mini meltdown on twitter and saved his tweets. They were published here and some how profootballtalk found our site and used us as a source for a post. Holla!

- Did anyone talk about the Womens World cup even a day after the game? It being a blow out made the game useless to watch and useless to care about. Scoring 5 goals is like scoring 150 points in an NFL game. Thanks for playing I wont see you in four years.

- How dumb are NFL players that three fingers were lost last weekend? If I am worth millions of dollars I'm not lighting dynomite on fire in my hands. Jeez, now Im even scared to blow shit up now. Who would have thought I would have learned something from the NFL.

-Didn't Wimbledon used to end on the 4th of July weekend? Seems stupid to have it the next weekend now.

- What are the odds Mark Cuban literally kills someone from the Clippers organization? If Im Steve Balmer Im nervous. But Deandre Jordan isn't even that good! Centers are as useless as ever and the guy isnt all that great any way. Granted it was a bullshit move to renig on a hand shake deal but it isnt the end of the world.

- oh yeah and WGR550 still sucks.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

UHOH Ronald Darby is making twitter news

By Steve

Uhoh, it appears the Bills first selecion in the 2015 NFL Draft CB Ronald Darby is making news today on twitter. Finally, someone is aticking up for the man when a guy first gets hit by a girl then he punches her lights out.

Here are his tweets defending his former roommate and former FSU QB De'Andre Johnson who just got booted from the tram after a brutal video of him emerged showing him punch a chick at the bar:


"What I want to know is whats happening to the girl that clearly hit De'andre first? It's never right to hit a girl at all"
" But they have to get some kind of consequence as well . Yall can't keep letting females provoke guys in all ways then walk free. Like ?"

" @sioux_bills im speaking the truth I said nothing wrong #advice . That's what's wrong now . Not enough talking. Kid career could be done ."

" @BigSwerve5150 yes he grabbed her to not get hit. You can see he fist balled up to hit him but it's still wrong on his behalf but it's idk"

" @g_miller_ yea that's true I just hate to see stuff like that at the end of the day . He worked his life to get where he at .But lord bless"

" People saying its a bad tweet for saying something should be done both ways ? I'm confused . If that was tall kid or loved one then what"

I dont have a problem with it what he's saying, but in a slow NFL news month this wont end well for Mr Darby. But who wouldn't feel compelled to defend a friend and teammate (albeit he beats up chicks who step to him).

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bitchin About Sports on a Thursday

By Steve

Bitchin' about sports on a Thursday! Yup I told you this was gonna be a weekly column (lucky you). Lets right into it:

- So the Sabres give up four prospects for a player that never scores 20 goals in a season and is demanding something like 8 years $70 million? Ryan O'reilly is alright but the Sabres gave up way too much for a guy they now have to over pay to be their temporary first line center.

I give the transaction a C+ . It takes pressure off Jack Eichel and the now forgotten Sam Rinehart. Anyone remember him? I dont even know how to spell his name.

The other big move was trading the 21st overrall pick for an unproven goalie who has limited experience in the NHL. Um WTF?

I get it, Tim Murray is the antihesis of Darcy Regier. He is new, aggressive, gives no fucks and wheels and deals. Great! But he isn't immune from criticism. He has won nothing, has zero track record of success and doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt. Overpaying for players you really want or need is fine. But those moves better pan out. Being this aggressive and not getting great value leaves little margin for error. Then again thank god Darc Regier is gone.

- Japan v USA in the world cup final? The womens world cup is a topic? Damn slow sports season. Hope they dont sneek up on us. Heyyyyooo. Why the hell do teams have to plan in Montreal for the semis then fly cross country to Vancouver for the finals? So dumb.

- Where theres smoke theres fire. Dont be surprised if Tyrod is listed first on the depth chart for training camp. Wait is Russ Wilson on the trade block? 4 firsts? Sure. Paging Mr Whaley.

- Love to see Cleveland go Cleveland and lose a no hitter with 2 strikes and 2 outs in the 9th inning in an 8-0 game. Ha.

- The money in the NBA is back to being insane. Some of the contracts being thrown around brings back memories of the good old days when Hedo Turkalu and Rashard Lewis and other mid level players were getting wayyyy to much cash and tanking franchises. What the hell are the Lakers doing by the way?

- I had an epiphony the other day. Part of the reason I am so negative and dour about Buffalo sports (ya know besides all the losing) is because of how shitty wgr550 and The Buffalo News are. Both organizations are so self congradulatory and hold themselves up in such high regard it is disgusting.

The only good segment on Schopp snd the Bulldog is if someone even bothers to call and says something outlandish. Those two agree on every single thing they ever talk about. And if on the .01% chance they do disagree Bulldog just changes his mind and agrees with ol Chap. Also the guy that sings their opening intros is god awful.

The morning dudes are a little bit more entertaining but agree on every single thing too. Worse yet, they repeat the same fucking things every single morning. ANALYTICS!  You have to run a QB sneek on 4th and 1. Dont punt! Unbearable.

The Buffalo news is just a bunch of old cranks but at least they are intelligent except for Mike Harrington who is a biggity bitch and useless on twitter. Ha

- Yes I did vote for mostly all KC Royals for the all star game because it is funny. Then again it also helps the Mets when they get home field advantage in the World Series. Errr