Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week 5 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings

What the expert power rankers are saying:

ESPN 23:
"EJ Manuel was 5-of-18 for 36 yards and two interceptions against at least five rushers Sunday. Manuel has a 2.3 Total QBR against the blitz this year (53.1 last year)."
Four spot drop and some useless Erik Manuel stats

CBS 23:
"The Bills have lost two straight and now must take a tough road trip to Detroit. Is it a trip back to reality?"
Another 4 spot drop and I have no clue what that comment means.  Weren't the last 2 games a trip back to reality already?

Yahoo 24:
"I don't agree with benching EJ Manuel. If it's close (and while Manuel hasn't been good, we all know Kyle Orton won't be good either), then you go with the young guy and hope he improves. There's no upside with Orton, now or later."

6 spot plunge but some actual insight and opinion.  Why do all the local guys love the qb change and the national guys hate it? :

Walterfootball 28:
" - The Twitter account @buffalorumblings summed up the Bills' season quite well in a single tweet:

"I think it needs to be said: Kyle Orton was signed less than a month ago and fans are CLAMORING to see what he's got. Says a lot.""

Only a two spot drop and a tweet from a rival, ouch.

PFT 21:
"Quarterback change now, coaching change later."
No faith in Kyle Orton or Doug Marrone.. hmm 3 spot drop but the highest of any other site. 23:
"Massive drop, based on consecutive uninspired performances and the sudden decision to bail on EJ Manuel. While I understand the coaching staff's position, I have my own take on what Buffalo is and isn't doing regarding its young quarterback -- click here to see what it is.

The Bills' defense has certainly played well enough to win. They have allowed opponents to post just 16.5 offensive points per game -- so don't put J.J. Watt's great play (and Manuel's blunder) on them."

huge drop down twelve slots. And no i'm not clicking on your other links.

Highest 21 lowest 28, best comment from and dumbest from Walterfootball.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Bills end the EJ Manuel Era

By Steve

Sixteenth overall pick, fourteen starts, twenty games on an NFL roster, a novice head coach and offensive coordinator a .500 2014 record and Erik James Manuel career with the Buffalo Bills is over.

Can anyone picture a scenario where Manuel is ever the Bills starter again outside of injury? Benching Erik for Kyle "i dont want to play for Dallas so I'm going to retire [p.s. that happened in 2014]" Orton ends his career. Orton retired earlier this year, he wasn't on an NFL roster in late August and is about as athletic as Scott Chandler. Ouch.

Is four games and a 2-2 record really enough to bench your healthy QB you drafted in the first round two years ago? The move reeks of panic. Sure some players might be frustrated about the QB play but to say Manuel is the only reason the Bills lost Sunday in Houston is a lie.

The Texans knew that Fred Jackson swing pass was coming, the coach doesn't know how to use time outs or prepare his players to use time outs. The play calling is beyond confounding. At the end of the first half when the clock ran out, that sequence of decisions and play calls were nothing short of shocking. Sure passing to Bobby Woods was horrible but all the WRs ran routes within 5 yards of the line of scrimage. That won't change with a new QB.

Benching Manuel after 4 games because they lost by 6 points to Houston and lost to the Chargers is a fuckin joke.

Anyone that likes this decision cannot lie to themself and have faith in Marrone, Whaley and Russ Brandon. If they do they are in denial. Kyle Orton playing mediocre is not going to change the incompetence at the top of this organization.

Orton better be prepared to play. He better be fully invested in winning and being the starting quarterback for the next 26+ games. Otherwise, WTF are we doing?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bills Texans Preview

by Coast

I am posting this the night before the game, so I will keep it short and sweet.

The Bills travel to Houston to take on the Texans in an AFC match up of two 2-1 teams. This is a MUST WIN football game if the Bills want to have legitimate playoff aspirations. You just cannot lose to a team that went 2-14 a year ago and is starting a quarterback that wasn’t even good enough to be on the Buffalo Bills.

I will start there, Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. EJ Manuel. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a better football player, simple as that. Ryan Fitzpatrick lacks the prototypical arm strength, size and athleticism that you want to see in a quarterback. But, if you don’t know how to use all those physical tools (I.e. EJ Manuel), then they don’t mean anything. The most important traits of a quarterback are intelligence and fearlessness. Intelligence - can you read the defense and get rid of the ball on time/not do anything stupid? Fearlessness - Will you try and get the first down and not slide unprovoked? Will you stand in the pocket and deliver a football without crumbling?

Ryan Fitzpatrick does not have the physical tools but he is without a doubt smart and fearless. Fitz has turned marginal at best talent into a  quality NFL career. He has lasted longer and has started more games than anyone could have guessed when he was drafted in the 7th round out of Harvard and for that he deserves some credit.

EJ Manuel on the other hand has no confidence, plays scared and is dumb as rocks. EJ runs out of bounds and goes down to avoid contact, before contact is even imminent. EJ crumbles in the face of the blitz. He doesn’t stand in the pocket and deliver passes knowing he is about to get hit. The coaches eliminate half of the football field on pass plays so he only needs to read half the field because they know reading the whole field is an impossibility. EJ back peddles into the end zone and then intentionally grounds the ball. EJ Manuel throws check downs with a minute left down 12 points. When he occasionally does make a good read, he throws the ball so inaccurately that his poor receivers are at risk of being decapitated.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is better than EJ Manuel and the Bills would be better with Fitz. Fitz outplaying EJ and the Bills losing Sunday would put this organization is a very precarious position. Fortunately for the Bills, Fitz could outplay EJ Sunday and the Bills could still win the football game because I believe they have the better overall football team. Or, the bad Fitz will show up and throw a few passes to the Bills. I will give the Bills credit on one thing. EJ Manuel being too scared and the Bills coaching being happy with him just running out of bounds and not trying to make plays has allowed him to limit the turnovers. This could come in handy against Fitz and a team that went 2-14 a year ago.

Enough about the QB - what about the Bills other “weapons” on offense? Last Sunday’s game against San Diego was not a good game for those in favor of the Sammy Watkins trade. On top of EJ Manuel sucking, Sammy Watkins was basically invisible AND he admittedly gave up on a play (I don’t blame him for looking after his general welfare at that point in the game). Watkins had 2 for 19 yards and 16 of those 19 yards came on the last drive once the game was over. His Clemson buddy CJ Spiller had 10 carries for 25 yards. His lack of success continues to be a head scratcher but  running a draw with him on 3rd and 1 is not setting him up for success.

The Bills offensive coaching sucks. Nate Hackett is way over his head, like we have been saying for, well, 19 games now.

I don’t know much about the Texans. I know they are 2-1 with wins over Washington and the Raiders. Their lone defeat came at the Giants a week ago. Nothing impressive about those two wins as Washington and the Raiders both suck. The Texans employ two really good receivers in veteran Andre Johnson and young budding star DeAndre Hopkins. The way the Bills secondary has performed so far this year, these two guys could give them a very hard time. Steph Gilmore needs to learn how to tackle. He is supposed to be a star but his tackling sucks. He actually whiffed on a tackle, then took a facemask penalty and injured himself on the same play. That is embarrassing. Helping this Bills this week is that starting running back Arian Foster is questionable for the game and might not play. This means the Bills will have to contend with Alfred Blue, the rookie 6th round draft pick.

The Texans do have the best defensive player in football, so I am looking forward to seeing how the Bills offense deals with JJ Watt. Other than Watt though, Houston’s defense hasn’t been too impressive, ranking 25th in yards per game allowed against the likes of RG III, Derek Carr and Eli Manning. No offence to Eli, but these guys aren’t exactly lighting the world on fire.

I don’t have much confidence in the Bills in this game. On the pod cast I predicted 23-16 Houston, so I am sticking to that. I hope for the sake of the pending media firestorm next week and for the sake of hell not breaking loose in Buffalo that EJ Manuel shows up and doesn’t let Ryan Fitzpatrick make Bills fans clamor for Ryan Fitzpatrick because they have completely given up hope on the former first round reach quarterback EJ Manuel.

Expert NFL Picks Week 4

Steve dominating, Wreck with a bit of a bounce back and Katman lagging far behind.  Your week four expert NFL picks

Steve 9-6  Best Bet 3-0

Bears +2 v Packers
Colts -7.5 v Titans
Falcons -3 @ Vikings
Lions -1.5 @ Jets
Chargers -13.5 v Jaguars

Coast 7-7-1 Best Bet 1-2

Dolphins -3.5 v Raiders
Chiefs +3 v Patriots

Packers -2 @ Bears
Cowboys +3 v Saints
Jaguars +13.5 @ Chargers

Wreck 8-7 Best Bet 2-1

Jaguars +13.5 @ Chargers
Raiders +3.5 v Dolphins London
Titans +7.5 @ Colts
Cowboys +3 v Saints
Chiefs +3 v Patriots

Katman 6-8-1 Best Bet 2-1

Bears +2 v Packers
Steelers -7.5 v Buccaneers
Saints @ Cowboys over 53.5
Titans @ Colts over 46
Vikings +3 v Falcons

EJ v Fitz

By Steve

Is it hyperbolic to state that this is the biggest game of Erik James Manuel's career? Manuel will be matched up against the Bills former starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, the guy he basically ushered out of town before last season.

Management, from some reports out of OBD, is getting nervous about not only Manuel's development but their own careers. A new owner usually means new everything especially if the Bills don't win this year. If they aren't winning with Manuel, their guy from the beginning, the Dougs and co. will have to replace him and soon. That process will excellerate with an embarrassing loss to ol noodle arm fitzyFitzpatrick.

I'm not arguing the Bills should replace Erik if he gets out played by Fitzpatrick Sunday but everyone else will. Then again if noodle arm does outperform Manuel and especially in a loss I may be close to washing my hands with him.

The coaches are to blame (for the most part) in retarding Manuel's growth. He is more scared now than ever to take shots literally and figuritively. Marrone said as much earlier this week when he was glad Erik avoids hits at all costs and goes out of bounds.

This is the biggest game of Manuel's career. A loss will be bad but if he lays a complete egg and gets out played badly or even MILDLY by Fitzpatrick the fans will revolt. For whatever reason, Ryan noodle-arm fitzyFitzpatrick was well liked here. The terrible optics of him, the castoff former starter, beating the first round 2nd year qb will be impossible to shake. It will be repeated forever, or until the guy is gone, that he lost to ol' noodle arm.

It isn't a must win but a bad L coupled with a pourous Manuel performance will leave a lasting memory. But say the Bills drop the next two and it is unlikely the Patriots win their next two both in primetime. At worst, then, in three weeks the Patriots come to the Ralph in a battle for first place.  Manuel could go a long way, assuming he is still the starter, of repairing his image with a win against Thomas Brady in fifteen days.

Christ, just beat fitz, he sucks!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans Preview Podcast

Steve and Coast rehash the debacle that was the San Diego Chargers game and look forward to Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Houston Texans

(anyone remember in 2009 when the Bills played Houston and we did a podcast? 145 comments@

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week 4 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings Compilation

After a ruinous loss to the Chargers let's see where everyone has the Bills ranked this week:

ESPN 19:
"Buffalo needs more from EJ Manuel. Manuel's QBR is 31.1, 32nd out of 35 qualified quarterbacks. Buffalo is the only team above .500 with negative offensive and defensive efficiencies."

A popular location for the Bills this week and a seven notch dropping.  EJ stats are scary bad.

CBS 19:
"Was the 2-0 start a mirage? Was that the real Bills against the Chargers?"
Four spot drop only.

Yahoo 18:
"Honest story: A Bills fan ripped these power rankings, then sent me his own that had the Bills as the fifth best team in the NFL. Brilliant."

Bills fans are dumb

PFT 18:
"Yep, we know how the “Bills start strong in September” book ends."

The Bills don't move up or down after a loss at home. Clearly Florio is a non-Billiever. 11:
"Yep, the Bills topped the Bears in Week 1 and now rank below them. But the simple fact of the matter is, Buffalo was soundly defeated at home on Sunday, while Chicago's only loss so far is that overtime squeaker to start the season. Also, the Bears' weakness -- their defense -- seems to have at least been partially fixed, whereas the Bills are still having trouble getting the ball vertical. Frankly, EJ Manuel just isn't an accurate passer at this point in his career, at least not consistently."

Still a lot of love from rare. Only two spot lowering

Walterfootball 26:
"26. Buffalo Bills (2-1) - Previously: #20 - I tried to warn Buffalo fans, but some of them just wouldn't listen. E.J. Manuel stinks, and the team won't win with him. Yet, many Bills' backers - as well as those who cheer for the Panthers and Bengals - left me hate mail in the comment board below. How fun!

Here's some of it:

The 3-0 Teams in the NFL are ranked 8, 9, and 10 on here....But dont Worry! Walt will accordingly adjust them to 6,7 and 8 tomorrow!

If you want power rankings ordered by records, you can just go to's standings page and sort them that way.

So, the Bills beat Da Bears in Chicago. Chicago beats SF in Cali. NE goes to Miami and gets beat down. Then Miami goes to Buffalo and gets dominated. And you somehow say the Bills aren't any good? Needless to say I'll never visit this site again. Cincinnati not in the top 5? Pitt ranked 27? You're a dumb @#$@! I'm never coming back to this site.

Nooooooooooooooo don't leeeeeeeeeeaveeeee! (I had a minor seizure trying to follow that guy's logic)

What the hell are you smoking??? Seahawks 1...Saints 5...Eagles 10... Did you just pick #'s out of a hat.

No, I fired darts at a board to do it.

How can you put a Saints team at #5 when they lost to two teams not even in your top 13? Jerrrkkk offfff

Wait, how'd you know what I was doing?

Walt is a hater of the cat team brotherhood! Bengals and Panthers getting no respect. He must be a bird brain.

Yeah I have a bias against all cat teams. Sorry.

And why dont you do us all a favor and get cancer and die then we wont have to read your @#$@ of a blog anymore.

What is dead may never die."

Most have the Bills somewhere between 18 and 19 which is smart.. hmm smart.  Walterfootball with a long rant about nothing.  Highest 11, lowest 26.