Thursday, April 20, 2017

Buffalo Bills 2017 Schedule Released

By steve

Oof this schedule is weak. One prime time game on the road at the Jets and other than that one 4:05 game at the LA Chargers.

All four Dolphins and Patriots games come after Dec which is odd but might be benefital against the Cheatriots assuming they have the division locked up by Thanksgiving.

Bills gonna have win at least two of their first hree before heading too Atlanta and Cinci.

The season will probably end dtarting Nov 19h with games at Chargers at Chiefd then NE at home.

Week 6 bye isnt too bad but not great.

3 December home games will piss people off but at least Christmas and New Years are spared.

7-9 again

Sabres Fire Tim Murray and Dan Bylsma

By Steve

Are we at the nexus of the universe? Is this real life? Corner of 1st and 1st? The Sabres are rebuilding a rebuild? And Russ Brandon is (seemingly) in charge of everything? Hahaha fuck my life.

Wait, maybe Jack Eichel is the GM coach president captain and part owner. I mean he was dafted 2nd overall and finished in 15th and 15th in the conference.

All we can do at this point is laugh.

Terry Pegula is the most confused, incompetent awful in over his head owner that can be imagined. Its not that Bylsma and Murray deserved to keep their jobs per se, but what is the point of hiring and firing people every two or three fucking years?

Russ Brandon is rasputent! He cant be killed! He keeps moving up and down and up in the organization pulling the strings calling the shots. Hiring then firing then getting promoted again, how is this all possible?


Terry Pegula needs to waddle in front of a god damn microphone immediately and have a thorough plan on where these pathetic organizations are going. But who the hell would even accept a job with this idiot? He goes through personnel like I go through clean underwear.

This is a ship with out a captain crew or clue. It cannot be overstated enough. Terry Pegula has absolutely no idea how to run a professional sports franchise and HE HAS TWO!

There is no easy or clear direction. There are no solutions. We are all fucked.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

2017 MLB Over/under Win Total Predictions AL

By Steve

Baseball is back, lets predict the win total for every team. Here is the National League now lets move to the American League

AL East
Boston Red Sox
Under (biggest lock)

New York Yankees
Actually an interesting squad. Lets go to arbitration.

Baltimore Orioles
Analytics can eat it

Tampa Bay Rays
Florida baseball pisses me off.

Toronto Blue Jays
If this team played in any other city they'd be my boys.

AL West
Cleveland Indians
Alright Cleveland is good but when do they ever live UP TO expectations?

Kansas City Royals w/cheese
This number is too low but it could be a sucker bet.

Detroit Tigers
Cabrera has what 30 years left on his contract?

Chicago White Sox

Minnesota Twins
Target sucks as bad as dees boiz

AL West
Texas Rangers
Tough division but seems LOW

Houston Astros
These team was a flash in the pan like 2 years ago.

LA Angels
Mike Sciocia isnt still the manager right? Googling.. HOLY SHIT! Life time contract.

Seattle Mariners
This team honetly i have no clue lets fsce it.

Oakland A's
They move to Vegas yet? Ouch
OVER leggo!

2017 MLB Over/Under Wins Predictions NL

By Steve

Time for the annual over under total wins predictions for all 30 teams in major league baseball. Lets start with the National League:

NL East

Washington Nationals
Other than this being a two horse division is there any reason to believe in the Nationals? Rooster head ran out of hgh last year but the pitching staff is stacked.

NY Mets
Pitching be it young or young and injured is better than no pitching. Legggo boysss

Atlanta Braves
This team is young and rebuilding at least i think. 76 wins doe.

Florida Marlins
Can there be a hangover from the death of a team mate? New owner on the horizon?

Philadelphia Phillies
Maybe they'll resign J-Ro

NL Central

Chicago Cubs
Wait does everyone already hate the Cubbies?

St L Cardinals
Wait, everyone still hates the Cards right?

Milwaukee Brewers
They still have Ryan Braun?

Cincinnati Reds
Damn thats a low number

Pittsburgh Pirates
This teams window closed faster than the kid from i See Dead People

NL West

LA Dodgers
Is this team ever NOT hyped?

SF Giants
Is this team EVER bad?

Arizona Dbags
They won the World Series SIXTEEN years ago. Im lost

Colorado Rockies
Arenaudo a hall of famer?

Ssn Diego Padres

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

2017 Worst of Buffalo Sports Media Bracket Finals

By Steve

It is finally time to vote on the worst media peraonality in the Buffalo sports market of 2017. Here is how the final 4 played out:

Our plucky 6 seed Mike Rodak lost to Jerry Sullivan the 2 seed by ONE VOTE. Out of 113 votes cast Sullivan won with 50.2% vs Rodak's 49.8%.

Our other finalist Bucky Gleason defeated Mike Schopp 51% to 49%.

Congratulations to our two Buffalo News columnists on tight victories in the final 4.

Voting starts at 11a.m. Wednesday and ends at 11am Thursday right before the real tournament starts.

1. Bucky Gleason
2. Jerry Sullivan

Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 Worst of Buffalo Sports Media Bracket Final 4

By Steve

The final four is upon us! Its time to determine what two Buffalo sports media personalities are the worst of the worst. Here is the bracket from the Elite 8

6 seed Mike Rodak AFTER A RUN OFF VOTE in overrrrrtime beat out 3 seed Mike Harrington 56% to 44%. Yes after 24 hours there was a literal tie! ESPN's own Rodak has the pleasure of going up against The Buffalo News's much hated Jerry Sullivan.

The cantankerous columnist and unabashed Patriots lover Mr. sullivan demolished Tim Graham 75 to 25. No real surprise there as Jerry is our 2 seed. Rodak v Sullivan will be a battle for the ages.

On the otherside of the bracket will include our 4 seed WGR550 afternoon host Mike Schopp. He had the uncomfortable position of going up against his cohost Bulldog. The vote was close-ish. 61% to 39%.

He has the pleasure of going up against the #1 seed of the tourney, The Buffalo News turd Bucky Gleason! Gleason waltzed into the regional final with 74% of the vote in a clock cleaning of John Murphy.

6. Mike Rodak
2. Jerry Sullivan

4. Mike Schopp
1. Bucky Gleason

Good luck. Voting starts at noon Monday for 24 hours on twitter @WNYwatercooler.

The finals will be Wednesday at noon for 24 hours.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

2017 Worst of Buffalo Sports Media Bracket Elite 8

After receiving hundreds of votes over two days the "Elite 8" of the worst of the local sports media is set. (Heres the original 16 post.)

The four match ups (found below) will all be posted at noon tomorrow on twitter for another 24 hour. The final four and championship will be next week Monday and Wednesday.

1. Bucky Gleason
8. John Murphy

12. Bulldog
4. Mike Schopp

6. Rodak
3. Mike Harrington

7. Graham
2. Jerry Sullivan

The only upset in the first round was a classic 5 v 12  tilt, Bulldog took down Jeremy White with 58% of the vote.

Other vote results
Bucky won with the largest margin 76% over Jonah J.
John Murphy 69% over Chris Brown
Schopp 63% vs Benigni
Rodak 68% over Paul Hamilton
Harrington 70% over Capaccio
Graham 61% vs Howard Simon
Sullivan 63% over Buscaglia